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We are a prominent Beedi Patta Supplier. We are engaged in offering the finest quality Beedi Patta. A bidi is made of well blended tobacco wrapped in tendu leaf. A tendu leaf has to be pick when its green then they are tied in bundles and left dried in sun after dried it changes the colour from freen to brown and once fairly dried the leaves are collected in bundles. Whole process is natural no any artificial chemical involved during the process.

The procedure for collection and processing of tendu leaves has almost been standardised and almost the same procedure is used everywhere. The tendu plants are pruned in the months of February and March and the mature leaves are collected after about 45 days. The leaves are collected in bundles of 50 to 100 leaves, which are dried in sunlight for about a week. The dried leaves are sprinkled with water to soften them and then filled tightly in jute bags and exposed to direct sunlight for 2 days. The bags, thus packed and cured can be stored till their use in Bidi manufacture. Great care is needed while plucking, curing and storage of tendu leaves. It is a sensitive product and with the slightest mistakes or oversight during any of these processes their quality deteriorates rendering them unfit for making Bidis.

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